Team Training

You want to improve customer service, product quality, productivity and ultimately make more money. But things get in the way. In this competitive, fast paced and noisy world people get easily distracted from their goals and from what’s really important.

When this happens it impacts your company and results. Employees disconnect from their work and teams, silos form, conflicts emerge and customers get impacted. You want a team that’s connected to a common goal, working together collaboratively and cooperatively. It’s all about thriving with purpose, passion and profit.

Team Training

The Fascinate Team Advantage training system will improve employee engagement, build team collaboration and help you exceed your company goals. Your employees will be recognized for their unique strengths and give you more of their best. Once you learn your Team Advantage you’ll recognize your teams strengths, identify hidden patterns and tap into your teams Advantages to become more productive and efficient.

As a result of our training program you’ll be able to:
  • Identify your team’s communication style.
  • Predict how you are most (and least) likely to solve problems, deal with conflict and reach conclusions.
  • Identify the hidden patterns in your Team Advantage.
  • Know and understand if you have one dominate Advantage, or if you’re evenly balanced.
  • Identify and know your core specialty, or potentially even a disadvantage.

Our clients have seen better than expected results, even those with world class employee engagement scores saw an increase after the How to Fascinate® system was brought in.

How to Fascinate® has been delivered to organizations like Cisco, GE, ATT and Intel. Yes, it’s the newest and most innovative communication assessment out there – but it’s one that’s built on a reputation with trusted experts, principle and purpose.

If you’re looking to inspire your people, integrate individual and company values and get impeccable results you’re the right place. Our training programs are unique and customized to you and your company. You will also:
  • Learn how a Fascinate Team Heat Map can help inform, inspire and improve employee engagement, performance and results.
  • Create an action plan to build better relationships, improve communication, breakdown barriers and remove organizational silos.
  • Identify distinct and personalized coaching techniques to motivate and inspire your people.
  • Develop a communication strategy that is heard by employees so you can lead, manage and inspire your team to impeccable results.
  • Build collaboration and cooperation to a common vision and goal that integrates values and recognizes the unique strength each team member brings

Finka Jerkovic presented How to Fascinate®…A People Strategy on October 29, 2015 to the HR Professional Association.

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Our training programs will bring a breakthrough transformation to your organization so that you can improve engagement, up level performance and bring the best from your people every day.

To learn more please contact Finka at: or schedule a 15 minute consult.

“It seemed a little cheesy and I wondered what we could possible talk about for a whole day. I was impressed with the presenter’s knowledge. I felt she put a lot of effort into getting to know us. I appreciated that the training was specifically designed around our company’s goals and needs.”

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