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Finka Jerkovic presented “How to Fascinate®… A People Strategy” on October 29, 2015 to the HR Professional Association. Click here to hear what all the buzz was about.

I was very impressed with the session and presenter. I now know and have an understanding of the Archetypes that will make our team function much more efficiently and make me a better communicator.

– Drew Sparacia

I wasn’t sure whether the content derived from a brief test could fill a day. I found that publically sharing aspects of each Archetype profile valuable and learning how others interpret it. I felt Finka did a great job of getting us talking and customizing the day based on feedback and interpreting the ‘vibes’. Thank you. The program was thought provoking. I am ready to learn more as I’m sure it’ll be a common thread with the company going forward.

– Scott Monaco

I am more self-aware and learned how to use and manage my strengths and attributes.

– Antonin Robert

Today’s training helped me understand more about the strengths of the people I work closely with so that I can communicate better with them.

– Hello Tocco

I walked away with an understanding of myself and where I fit into the company dynamic. Finka was a nice presenter, interesting and well versed.

– Ursula Moore

I found it valuable to hear my colleagues talking about themselves and their strengths. Gave me insight into how best to work with them and how we can best work together as a team. Also gave insight into what we are missing and need to “look for” as we build our team. Would definitely recommend.

I was concerned that there may not be tangible value, that it would be too esoteric. My concern was proven to be misplaced. I have a renewed sense of enlightenment and practical application of what I learned today. Finka was warm and engaging. She has an impressive grasp of the subject, but more importantly the ability to read the group quickly.

It was a great team building exercise: I learned about the strengths and values of each member of the team, as well, our collective value & mission statement. Can’t think of a better way to set the stage for a great year ahead.

It is a time effective activity to gauge the spectrum, capabilities and focus of a team. Embracing the uniqueness of each member while delivering an unifying statement of value is an amazing thing to accomplish in an hour. Great for any team at any point in their evolution.

It gave me a greater appreciation for all the different strengths on the team and how they operate at their best.

I was extremely inspired by yesterday’s workshop and felt a sense of confidence, direction and understanding that I never had before. I went home and told my family all about the workshop and about the usefulness of its application and they were extremely intrigued. This is by far one of the best presentations I’ve seen.

It was great to not only learn about myself but about my team members as well. This will help improve my interactions with others.

Admittedly I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I‘d be able to take anything from today. However my skepticism was mis-placed! It is important to know ourselves and understand how we are perceived. I look forward to putting it into action.

This is the first package I will take home and keep visiting regularly to make sure I am leveraging my abilities, capabilities and traits in delivery of high standard results and develop long standing relationships.

This session was really inspirational!

Finka did an amazing job! This was one of the best parts of the conference, very interesting and kept everyone engaged.

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