The Daring Introvert

The Daring Introvert

Are you striving to make a difference but find your strengths undervalued at work?
Are you feeling misunderstood among your colleagues and in the boardroom?
Do you get overlooked for the big assignments and promotions?
Is being an Introvert holding you back?

Fear not.
Your Introvert nature can get you ahead.

The Daring Introvert Course
unleashes the true power of quiet.

When introverts speak, people listen.


It may appear that the outgoing and outspoken get ahead faster; that charm and dazzle are valued more than substance and integrity. That open concept, multi-tasking and rapid-fire brainstorms are how we do business today. On the other hand…

We all know strong, steadfast, persuasive leaders.

That rock in the storm;

That sage in the crowd;

That driven, earnest, honest, and effective pioneer.

The Daring Introvert

You’re smart. Ambitious. A leading professional who’s keen to make a difference, influence others and have an impact. How do you do that, if, fundamentally, you’re thoughtful and quiet?

If you’re feeling overlooked, undervalued and misunderstood, this might sound familiar…
  • There aren’t many others leaders “like you” that you can relate to.
  • You demonstrate leadership skills but they’re not recognized outside your immediate team.
  • You’re a Thought Leader, but your organization equates a leader with having direct reports.
  • Those you work with don’t acknowledge different communication styles.
  • By challenging the status quo you’re seen as trying to rock the boat.
  • You miss out on speaking up, because you wait your turn. You’re not comfortable inserting yourself into the conversation.
  • You don’t boast or play up your accomplishments and would prefer to let your work speak for itself.

The truth is – introverts don’t fit the picture of what’s come to be known as a typical Leader. Until now. You are a thoughtful leader with a powerful temperament. Its time to…

Lead your way, have your say, make your mark.

Introverts: the world needs your particular strengths, influence, and thoughtful approach – now more than ever.

The Daring Introvert Course

will help you claim your true power so you can courageously step forward, speak up and change the world.
  • Rather than trying to imitate and pretend, you want to bring more of who you are to your work and relationships
  • Rather than working diligently and waiting to be noticed, you want to do your best in a place that values your strengths and gives you room to work at your full potential
  • Rather than wondering if and how, you want to start planning what and when

Embrace the values and strengths you bring.

Stand up for your ideas, vision and beliefs.

Lead, mentor and inspire others.

Be celebrated and paid for your true worth.

Nothing about being an introvert prevents you from doing these things. Nothing. In fact, introverts are perfectly positioned to lead, achieve, inspire and shine. I promise, courageous introvert, you can if you dare.

The Daring Introvert Course

is essential for all Introverted Leaders, especially if…
  • You want to be seen as an expert in your chosen field.
  • You want to be in a role that allows you to lead and inspire others.
  • You want to make a significant impact in your organization.
  • You want to have more balance between your personal and business life.
  • You want to have autonomy and drive change in your organization.
  • You want to help others achieve success through mentoring, coaching and training.
  • You want to be a leader.


So many ambitious, creative, heart-centered introverts believe that having a seat at the table is not in their cards… It’s no wonder. Introverts have gotten the short end of the stick.
  • Our culture places a high value on extrovert traits, and tends to default to extrovert leaders.
  • You don’t like to boast or self-promote, which gets in the way of communicating your value.
  • Your inclination to be quiet and introspective has you assigned to support, rather than strategic and leadership roles.
  • You’re not an in-the-moment thinker. You need time to process in advance and won’t shine when put on the spot.
  • Conversely, when you do think things through, you’ve been seen as a squeaky wheel, not a team player or difficult to work with, just because you’re questioning things thoroughly.
I used to struggle with being an introvert – because I didn’t know what being an introvert really meant.

Even though I was successful, smart and ambitious, I just couldn’t get my leadership, influence and impact to my maximum potential. I knew there was more possible for me, but I was struggling to get there.

Then a lightbulb went off the day I found out I was an introvert. I finally learned why I:
  • Feel so drained after a day of meetings and conference calls.
  • Need more time to respond to a question.
  • Prefer to brainstorm or solve problems alone before I worked with others.
  • Carry a book with me all the time. Even out on a Saturday night.
  • Wake up before the crack of dawn to sneak in some alone time – even on weekends.
  • Try not to take up too much talk time in meetings with colleagues.
  • Avoid after-work social events even though I like my colleagues.

I maximized my potential. I was a successful corporate leader in the financial services industry. But something was missing. I felt I wasn’t using my gifts and talents, I was working harder than ever, feeling exhausted, hoping to get noticed and ultimately not happy nor fulfilled.

My ‘introvert lightbulb’ moment changed everything for me.

As an introvert, I think, recharge, communicate and interact with others differently. Being an introvert doesn’t mean I’m antisocial. It means I get energy by spending time alone, having deep conversations, and at times needing extra time for my brain to retrieve a file to give you an answer.

Learning this about myself helped me feel normal and good in my skin. More than that, as I’ve learned to manage my energy, honour how I think and set clear boundaries in my relationships, I’ve learned to leverage this innate introvert power to make a meaningful difference my relationships, career, business and life.

I also learned my introversion holds me back when I’m not 100% sure, confident and prepared. I can easily go into overwhelm, doubt, analysis paralysis, indecision or people pleasing in fear of making a mistake, leaving a bad impression or offending someone.

As I became more aware of how my introversion held me back I equally learned how to use it to propel me forward. It was in this process I learned how to anchor in my introvert power and courageously dare myself to:
  • Pitch ideas to executives.
  • Get a promotion.
  • Get a raise and huge bonus.
  • Start a business.
  • Travel across North America to speak on stage to hundreds of people.
  • Trade in my city life and move to the country side to create a homestead.

The Daring Introvert Course empowers you to change the world, without changing your nature.

I’ve designed The Daring Introvert Course to encourage ambitious, heart-centered, passionate professionals like you to break through the noise, own your leadership, and bring your purpose, values and talents to your work and relationships.

You’ll learn the step-by-step formula that will help you…

Be seen as a trusted leader and advisor
Show what you can really do when your true value is being put to work
Be comfortable speaking your mind and expressing your ideas and point of view
Get noticed and standout without being showy and feeling inauthentic
Expand your network and create meaningful relationships
Stop wearing facades trying to be what you think others want you to be
Just because we’re introverts, we’re not doomed to dream small. You can take on the world. I dare you.
The Daring Introvert

The Daring Introvert Course

5 Modules to address the specific issues facing introverts so you can unlock your Introvert Power and be recognized as a leader, maximize your potential and make a difference in your work and organization.

5 weeks of learning, live calls you enjoy from wherever you are, dedicated support and tools to use for any daring move.

Very eye opening. Nervous going in, but she made me feel very relaxed. Helped me a great deal. As a new leader I am very happy to be given more tools.

What’s in the program?

Module One

Dare to Be You

In this module, you’ll learn to:

  • Describe the key differences between introversion and extroversion.
  • Distinguish how your personality adds value and is seen at its best.
  • Implement a mindset strategy to confidently own your introvert power.

… so you can manage your personal brand and stand out in your organization and work by being you.

Module Two

Dare to Live on Purpose

In module, you’ll learn to:

  • Discover the deeper meaning behind your quiet ambition.
  • Identify your vocational mission and message.
  • Identify your signature stories to leave a lasting impression and impact.

… so you can confidently convey your mission and message.

Module Three

Dare to Care

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Describe the role self care takes in managing introvert energy, creativity, productivity and results.
  • Identify the top 5 introvert ‘energy recharge’ activities.
  • Implement an ‘energy recharge system’ to navigate day-to-day energy deficiencies.

… so you can have more energy, increase creativity, productivity and impact.

Module Four

Dare to Lead

In this module, you’ll learn to:

  • Discover the Daring Introvert way to demonstrate your strategic thought leadership.
  • Apply the MRI decision matrix tree to determine where to apply your thought leadership.
  • Integrate a mindset reframe to help you overcome overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism and analysis paralysis.

… so you can be recognized and rewarded as an influential thought leader.

Module Five

Dare to Connect

In this module you’ll learn to:

  • Differentiate between the 3 types of support available in your network.
  • Build authentic and meaningful connections.
  • Assemble your personal ‘tribe to thrive’.

…so you can thoughtfully build a network with allies and advocates that will inform and influence your way to success.


I can’t wait to meet you, Daring Introverts.

I’m looking forward to meeting fellow introverts (and the introvert-curious) and speaking with all of you on our live calls. To keep these calls manageable and purposeful, I have to limit the number of enrollments. I don’t want you to lose your spot, so I’m encouraging you to:

  • Think it over, but not for too long
  • Grab your spot if this feels right to you – are your fingers tingling?
  • Encourage a friend to enroll with you – if you feel that working together will help you dare more

Do Introvert Myths still get in your way?

You can be a leader without being an extrovert.

Your innate strengths can have a remarkable impact.

You can wield your message, your power and your influence
– without feeling fake.

It takes one to know one. If all the courses, coaching, books, research, and thoughtful analysis have not supplied the transformation that you want in your job/career/life/relationships… maybe those resources weren’t designed with you in mind.

Please don’t:

  • Live with regret.
  • Hold back your potential.
  • Feel deflated and defeated.
  • Hide your heart’s desire.
We just need to dial up your Daring.

I’m grateful for Finka, who is a generous facilitator. She is very much about her students, not herself. Her knowledge is strong, so I trusted her. She brought a group of strangers together as friends, without being all fairies and unicorns about it. :) I ended our sessions with a great amount of respect for Finka!.

Finka was amazing! I especially liked the way she incorporated her real world examples into the discussion and debriefed our exercises adding her thoughts after each of us had spoken.

In only 5 weeks,
The Daring Introvert shows you how to:

  • Stop over-thinking and dare to do
  • Recognize the value you bring
  • Show off what you do best
  • Leverage Introvert Superpowers at work and in relationships
  • Speak your mind and express your point of view – and love it!

Finka is a great instructor, very enthusiastic and very much cares that all get what they need from the course. She communicates in a friendly fun style and gave us many examples of how to creatively utilize our new learnings.

I am more self-aware and learned how to use and manage my strengths and attributes.


What technology do I need to access program materials?

We’ll be using ZOOM. You can attend the group coaching calls by video or voice only. If you do not already have a ZOOM account, you can sign up here.

What if I can’t attend a live call?

No problem. Weekly lessons will be pre-recorded so you can listen to them on your own time. We`ll have weekly group coaching calls on Thursdays. If you can`t make it, all calls will be recorded and emailed to the group the following day.

Do you offer 1:1 support during the program?

Definitely! Each week we’ll have a group coaching call where you can ask your most burning questions and challenges. Plus, for all you Innies that prefer to write, you can post your questions in our private Facebook group. I’ll be in there daily to provide 1:1 support.

There are lots of books for introverts. Can’t I just read my way out of my problems?

I love this question! Books are great and I’m an advocate or, as my husband would say, an addict. There’s nothing like connecting with like-minded Introverts who are experiencing the same challenges while daring to live a bigger life and make a bigger difference. This course is all about taking the stuff you learn in books and putting them in action. You’ve got bigger dreams and instead of reading a book you want to write it. So this course is all about making that happen for you.

I’m not working right now – can I still get value from this program?

Even better! You’ve got a real gem of an opportunity here to focus on you, your mission, and your message. It’s a great place to be – to have the time to set goals The Daring Introvert way so you can design the dream job you want. Jump right in and don’t hold back.

How many people do you take in each course?

Class size will be limited to 20. I want to make it as personal and intimate while also having enough people to generate ideas, insights and connections in the group. The class size is limited so don’t delay in booking your seat.

Will this help me understand my introvert partner?

Yes! And can I add – congratulations to you for considering a course like this to make your relationship better. Opposites attract is not a myth. It’s real and everywhere. Introverts and Extroverts can learn so much about their relationships if they understood how their temperament influenced their dynamic. Why not invite your introvert partner to the course too?

Will this turn me into a different person?

This course will turn you into the person you already are. So many Introverts are trying to fit themselves into the extrovert ideal; to be more outgoing, charming or comfortable with the spotlight. If you’ve been molding yourself into an extrovert with tons of effort and energy than yes – this course will turn you into a different person. It will turn you into the person you already are but have kept inside.

Daring Introvert:
You’re only 5 weeks away from…

  • Applying Introvert Leadership Superpowers to inspire, mentor, and motivate
  • Equipping yourself with tools to combat self-doubt and the common introvert pitfall – Analysis Paralysis
  • Amping up your energy in Introvert-Recommended ways
  • Knowing your purpose, and having a project that fulfills it
  • Daring – wisely, warmly & wonderfully

The Daring Introvert Course

5 Modules to address the specific issues facing introverts so you can unlock your Introvert Power and be recognized as a leader, maximize your potential and make a difference in your work and organization.

5 weeks of learning, live calls you enjoy from wherever you are, dedicated support and tools to use for any daring move.


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