Daring Moments

Do you Dare…

To be you?
To be different?
To change the world?

Is Your Brilliant Difference Turning People Off?

Your Brilliant Difference is an innate, natural quality of your essence. It’s the distinct gift you bring to add value and make a difference to others. It’s multifaceted, unique and original. It radiates, energizes and fuels you, and when you’re in alignment with Your...

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5 Ways to Fill Your Courage Bucket

A man enters a burning home after he hears the cries of a child still inside. He races in and comes out of the burning home with the child safely in his arms. After the incident, he’s interviewed by a reporter who says, “That was a brave and courageous act, how did...

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Choose to Be More YOU!

Your Brilliant Difference is here to make a difference. It’s here to add value to others. It’s here to be of service to others. And it’s here so our world can be a better place for having had you in it. Did you know that the odds of you having a human experience are...

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Find Your Brilliant Difference

One of the hardest parts about bringing Your Brilliant Difference to your work, life and relationships is knowing what it really is. How do you know what Your Brilliant Difference is when it’s not hitting you in the face? How do you walk into a room with confidence...

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A Literal Wake Up Call

I awoke to a blaring alarm and a voice repeating “Carbon monoxide has been detected. Carbon monoxide has been detected.” Feeling groggy and trying to figure out what was happening, I remembered my husband was out of town, and my daughter was sleeping next to me. At...

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