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How to Focus on the Most Important Thing

I don’t know about you but 2017 has been a full frenzy so far. It’s been great - I’m not complaining - but I feel like I’ve been spinning in a tornado vortex at times. I’m a YES person. I look at Life and what she sends my way and I always say yes.  We could be having...

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4 Ways to Navigate the Messy World of Emotions

Have you ever unintentionally lost it with someone? You got angry, hurt or defensive and responded in a way that after reflection was blown out of proportion? What really happened is that the unfortunate recipient of your backlash was the trigger for unresolved...

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Who’s Shoes Are You Wearing Today?

My brother has a dog named Tesla. He lives in Saskatoon which is about 3000 km away from home base here in Ontario.  He comes to visit often and when he does, Tesla comes along for the trip. I remember a particular visit where I was on the phone with my mother...

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Yellow Yolk. Orange Yolk.

Many years ago, my husband came home with a dozen eggs from a farm. I cracked one and the yolk was a bright orange. This surprised me. Up to that point, I only knew pale, yellow yolk eggs. It’s what I bought from the grocery store.  I alerted him and said,...

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When is Too Much, Too Much?

Have you ever received feedback that you’re too direct or too demanding? Do you have a sense of urgency that fuels a too busy, too impatient or too fast, way of working? Do you get so involved in projects that you’re described as too passionate, too creative, or too...

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