Daring Moments

Do you Dare…

To be you?
To be different?
To change the world?

The Pressure to Perform

How many times have you seen the sequel to a best-selling book or movie fail miserably in the box office? Unfortunately, they got hit with the curse of a bad habit - performance. Standards are set based on a past, projected or required performance. This overlays a...

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Two Most Powerful Words

Do you ever stop to consider the power contained within words? Perhaps you have favourite mantra that you repeat to yourself at the start of your day or right before a big moment. People who use mantras like this do so because the words instill them with motivation,...

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Setting Intentional Goals

When was the last time you fell short of achieving a goal? Be honest! Heck, it could have just been yesterday when you promised yourself that you’d workout for 20-minutes and didn’t. Goals don’t have to be big to be considered a goal. Even the smallest, day-to-day...

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Overcoming Bumps of Fear

I started skiing again! I used to ski when I was younger, but it’s been at least 16 years since I’ve been on the hills. I was never a black diamond skier but could make my way down the blue hills comfortably. Today, however, I face these same hills with trepidation...

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The Missing Puzzle Piece to Achieving Your Goals

As a New Year begins, it’s the perfect time to set goals and think ahead about what you want to be, do and have in this year. Almost three years ago, we achieved one of our BIGGEST family goals. In March 2015, we traded in our city life and moved to the country to...

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