I believe that the workplace is one of the best places we have to live out our purpose and bring out our innate gifts, talents and skills.

But everyday stresses, time constraints, office politics and demands can get in the way and fill you with doubt, overwhelm, fear and uncertainty. These challenges can make it less than ideal for you to show up in your best and true self, so that you can to make a difference and impact on others and the world.

Did you know that at least 50% of your waking hours in a work week are spent at work?

That’s a big chunk of your week and life.

There’s no such thing as having a work-life balance.

Your work is not separate from your life. It’s part of your life. The balancing act comes from how much of your work is actually in alignment to who you are, what you value and your life purpose or mission. The more of you that shows up at work, the more balance, impact and fulfillment you have.

Imagine what work would be like if you:
  • Showed up confidently in an honest and authentic way.
  • Knew the difference you made and that your voice was valued in the system.
  • Stepped through fear, shame and saboteurs, always keeping your vision line of sight.
  • Courageously spoke from your heart without fear of judgement or negative outcomes.
  • Were valued and acknowledged for your expertise, opinions and guidance.
  • Were recognized as a leader, even if you didn’t have the title.
Hi I’m Finka! I’m a Personal Development Mentor and Leadership Empowerment Coach.

My mission is to empower ambitious, heart-centered, passionate professionals like you own your leadership, so that you can breakthrough the noise and bring your purpose, values and talents to your work and relationships.

My wish is inspire you to discover your value and find your voice, so that you can have the confidence and courage to lead yourself and others to your full potential.

I know what it’s like to find it difficult to stand in your own power.

I know what it’s like when your inner critic creeps in – What if people don’t like your ideas? What if you fail?

I know what it’s like to fear that others may think you’re not “smart” enough because you don’t have the experience, degree, or title.

I know what it’s like to experience work-life imbalance.
Work-life imbalance creates pain and challenges in all areas of life.

Numb, dull and boring.
Working excessively.
Unhealthy lifestyle.
Weight gain.
Relationship challenges.
Lack of happiness and fulfillment.

When you hit rock bottom,
you only have one way to go – UP!

And so that’s what I did.

I took my pain, stress and imbalance and transformed them into self-awareness, personal learning and leadership

The outcome: Happiness, balance, impact, fulfillment and learning that your best work comes when you:

1. Bring your strengths, gifts and talents to work.
2. Find alignment with your personal values and your company’s values.
3. Make a difference by using your work to deliver your purpose and mission.

Once I discovered,

what I did well – Teach, facilitate, inspire;

how I did it differently – Innovative and trendsetting transformations;

what I valued – Connection, contribution, community, heart-centric leadership, playfulness + fun, authenticity, creativity, positive +celebratory environments;

my mission – Minimize my environmental footprint, magnify my consciousness footprint;

my work and life came into harmony.

When I did that I was able to:

  • Develop and teach international `train the trainer` certification programs.
  • Travel and teach team effectiveness and communication workshops across North America.
  • Develop and teach Leadership Programs to emerging leaders in Corporate Canada.
  • Become a keynote speaker and radio talk show host.
  • Develop and teach a professional development series focused on brand building in corporate environments.
  • Develop and teach a program helping professionals leverage their strengths at work.
  • Advise Senior Leadership on national organizational Employee Coaching Programs.

Work and life are not separate from each other.

My work fuels and propels all areas of my life so that I can feel free, live in adventure doing more of what I love, like spending time in nature, hiking, reading, learning and cooking up a storm with family and friends.

If you’re ready to:

  • Create the next best version of yourself.
  • Be more confident and believe in your voice.
  • Bring meaning back into your work and make a difference.
  • Have the freedom to do the things you love.

Then let’s talk!

Click here to set up a time so we can chat about what’s standing in the way of you having more success, fulfillment and impact in life and work.
To learn more about our programs and offers please contact Finka at: finka@finka.ca

Your voice and message matter.
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